Thursday, December 18, 2014

Panettone is a bit cheaper in the US....why?


Panettone for 6.99 without a card or 2.99 with....either way it is much cheaper than the 21-30 Reais that you would pay in Brasil for the same product.  It is a domestic product as well...there is no excuse for Carrefour, Extra, Pao de Acucar or any other store here in Sao is rather disturbing to think that my family gets a better deal on this than I country!  Even if you take the currency at $6.99 and multiply it by 2.85 which is generous but not far off from the actual currency comes to $19 Reais which is a few dollars under the 21-22 Real price in Sao Paulo.  Now for the $2.99 amount....that would come to $8.50 roughly...can you understand why Brazilians come to the US?  Yeah for come to the US because there is no real comparison of any product much less what is considered a domestic product for Brasil.  It should be the reverse.  It should cost 10-15 dollars as an imported product in the US and 2-5 Reais here in THAT will never occur due to Econ 101  rules of supply and demand,..the price only gets more expensive because ultimately there is a knucklehead that is willing to pay the 30 Reais for a "nice" panettone.  Dude, it is BREAD....why does BREAD cost $30 REAIS or to bring this back to USD for our American readers...would you ever spend $10.50 for ANY bread for any reason without thinking "...hey that is a bit pricey for BREAD???"

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